Lunchtime Recital at St Peter's College, Oxford

Performing works by Finzi and Lehrer.

Why do we sing?

Interview with Ivo da Silva for ABC Radio Perth, talking about the science of why we enjoy Christmas carols.

Meaning of Health Podcast

Interview with about dance and social bonding for the Meaning of Health Podcast.

Chance music is best not left to chance

Presentation at SysMus17 conference in London. Recipient of ESCOM Award for Best Virtual Presentation.

My Jyväskylä

An interview about life as an international master's student.

UWA Inclusion Leader

Profile as an alumnus working to promote inclusion.

"Graduation Recital"

A musical parody.

Life's a Circus

Video portrait created by media students at the University of Western Australia.

The Dancing Psychologist

Interview with science communication students at the University of Western Australia.